Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

Hit the ground running. It’s the only way to get over post holiday depression. Honestly I could have used more sleep and time at home unpacking moving boxes but with Next Wave festival on and Emerging Writers just starting its not a time to sleep. Sleep when you're dead kidlets.


La Sonnambula

Very slow moving, essentially your campy opera story of mistaken identity/accusations of being a strumpet/happy ending wedding. I was too exhausted to enjoy this properly so I cant really comment, I fell asleep about 4 times during it.

100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe - Next Wave Festival

To rid my thoughts of moving back overseas I decided to immerse myself back into Melbourne IMMEDIATELY when returning from overseas. This was perfect. Ferried away from Thousand Pound Bend in a bus with a blindfold on and sharing an ipod with the person next to me, we were played ambient sounds with brain washing (NLP) technique voice overs for about half an hour until we reached our destination (which was some sort of space science research centre something). We were then split into groups due to the colour of our preordained name tag and clutching our rocks which we had to choose when checking in for the space flight. I was taken to the assimilation centre, given a space suit to wear and greeted by a lovely lady in a purple beehive putting plastic flower leis over us. Its worth noting that we were all completely silent by the time we got off the bus and stayed that way during the entire performance.

After our 5-10 minute initiation video (essentially a mash up of Carl Sagan esque space footage, Benny Hinn type infomercials and Hillsong sermons) we were ushered into a room and told to put on moon boots and a safari hat covered in cheesecloth and lead into a dome that was exactly like Mars. Red rock and sand with 2 men sitting on a rock at the end. One man was dressed like a British Raj and the other was dressed like a vaudeville monkey. Upon arriving, a projection of a person dressed exactly like us appeared on the wall and the monkey man and raj jumped up and started following the movements that the projection was doing. Eventually we all started doing it. At this point I was thinking that the other group can see us.
After about 5 minutes of that we were ushered into the original dome we had been greeted in by which had had everything completely removed out of it and were told our instructions were on the inside of our badges. I had to enter the room and walk a trace of a figure 8 clockwise with my rock prominent and swap rocks with anyone who crossed my path. We all did this with serious solemnity for about maybe 5 minutes or ten minutes. On our instructions we were told once the music died down we were to all lay our bee keep hats in a circle with our rocks inside them. Whilst I was tracing my figure out I looked up and notice lots of people in white coats and doctors headbands observing us… I thought THAT’S THE OTHER GROUP they've been observing our assimilation the whole time. We were then ushered into a changing room and told to remove all of our protective clothing and get onto the bus.

This was one of the coolest art projects I've seen/participated in. The Tape Projects group do lots of amazing stuff, keep an eye out for them. This is completely sold out for the rest of Next Wave.. So SORRY!.

Richard the Third

Most brilliant, gripping amazing thing I've seen all year. Ewen Leslie is spellbinding and blood curdling as the completely mental, blood thirsty Richard. Everyone loves a good villain and really Richard the Third has to be one of the best and most dastardly. I was palpably excited about going to see this mainly because my favourite Melbourne actress Allison Whyte is in it and it did not disappoint. A modern staging that WORKS, the parallel they draw between the Clinton/Bush/Obama administrations works astonishingly well and it’s a stroke of genius. Seriously, this is one of the best things I've seen in a couple of years. If you are at all interested in the theatre I suggest you see this.

Panel of Judges at the Birmingham

I'm trying to see more local bands. Panel of Judges is becoming one of my Melbourne absolutely faves. I was introduced to Hissey Miyake as well which were fantastic. It was nice to get shitfaced.


Lord of the Fries

I had my usual. Yum.

Berlin Bar

Total Melbourne wank but I liked it. Find some musty stairs and walk to the top, ring the bell on the industrial door with an look out slit and wait for a very cute waiter to answer and escort you upstairs. You have the choice of dining and drinking in the very swanky West Berlin side or slumming it in the bombed out graffiti covered east. An impressive cocktail list and very VERY mixed crowd, it kind of won my heart.. After loudly proclaiming I HATE THIS PLACE within 5 minutes of being there. Most definitely the new Gin Palace.

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  1. I love Berlin Bar. Totally pretentious but lots of fun, and I like the cocktail list.


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