Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

I am sooooooo glad its 7 weeks till MIFF. We have a break kids!! But then again its 7 weeks to MIFF!!! ARRRGGHHH! My most favourite 2 weeks of the year.


Food Writing - Emerging Writers Festival

I didn’t really have any expectations of this talk. I didn’t know any of the speakers but was keen to hear what they had to say. I guess the things I took away from it is how many different types of food writing there is! (of course in my world there is only food blogging ha!) and that writing a recipe can be an art form in itself. Its really clicked my mind into overload now on how I want to present information on this blog (especially recipes) so hopefully you will see a tighter more cogent blog for the future. Many thanks to Lisa Dempster and the festival for the comp.

Daschund UN - Next Wave

Too cute for words. Highlights, when the speaker of the house went nuts and just barked for about 5 minutes and then twirled around and around in circles on his seats, when the dogs just started gnawing on their microphones, the butt sniffing and the occasional pair of hands that would pop up to reposition the dogs. Adorable. Next Wave, you ruled! Thanks!

Markov Place - Book Club

Markov place is fah-bu-lous. God I love Carlton. This months pick was "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson. This is what I love about book club (apart from the amazing ladies) is I am reading things I wouldn’t ordinarily read (due to my unfortunate proclivity towards being an insufferable snob). I really loved this book! It was a cracking read and excellent for its 'detective' genre. I couldn’t put it down. I cant wait to read the other two in the series.


Trippy Taco

No photos! But I had their regular tacos (not the tofu asada) and was FAR more satisfied this time. Perhaps my palate just thinks tofu does not belong in Mexican food :)

Trippy Taco one and two.

Bimbo Deluxe

I had my usual and it did not disappoint. Yum yum.

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