Friday, May 21, 2010

Voner der Vegetarische Doner - Berlin


Look at it. No really, look at it. Yum yum that went ALL in my gob and it was FREAKING delicious. The menu was all in German, we could figure out most things but decided to go for this and it was a surprise plate of amazingness. I havent had tzatziki in SOOO long. Everything was home made and delicious: dolmades, stuffed eggplant, hommous, tsatziki, stuffed capsicum, pickled veg. Some of the nicest Middle Eastern food since leaving Sydney. Eat lunch there and go to Cupcake like we did! yum!

deets: Address: Boxhagenerstr 56, Friederichshain (no website)
$$: I think it was about 5 euros each


  1. you didn't have the kebab???!!!! D-:

  2. no I know!!! we couldnt see the spit roast I think we were in there a little too early in the day... and then I thought I got confused and thought maybe it was somewhere different...

    next time!


    Here, the website :-)
    The kebab is great and greater is that I live in the same street.

  4. This is just across from my hostel. Had their vegan burger. It's no gasometer but after living off almost nothing in the balkans it is god!


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