Friday, June 25, 2010

Anada - Fitzroy

Anada is a seriously classy affair in a very down to earth way. The space isnt amazing but its not bad either. It feels a little too boxy and sterile (and cold!), but perhaps if I was on the group table at the back or on the bar I would have felt differently. I like a communal experience when eating tapas (and eating in general I guess). I wont go through every dish because they were all absolutely perfectly balanced for texture, seasoning and taste. These dishes were like a dream. The sorbet in particular was SO SO sweet (which I loved) and tangy with fresh pomegranate on top. Anada is excellent. After a recent spate of massive disappointments I was so glad that this exceeded my very high expectations. The wait staff were attentive but 'magic genie', down to earth and helpful with getting me vegan options, most of which were gluten free. Very impressive. No pretension just excellent food, served warmly, entirely with heart (my apologies for the appalling pictures!).

Syrian lentils on crouton with crispy onions

Fried apple eggplant, chilli and mint

Beetroot, mint and Romate sherry vinegar

Gem lettuce and chervil cress with crispy garlic, dried barberries & 12 yr old Andalusian white balsamic (this was DELICIOUS and my favourite dish of the evening)

Pommegranate and orange blossom syrup sorbet

Food: Didn't explode my brain but was seriously excellent 9/10
Space: not sure, too cold 7/10
Service: a wonderful, non wankery 9/10

Overall 16.5

Deets: 197 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, (03) 9415 6101 web:
$$: all of the above plus two meat dishes and icecream for Adrian, a bottle of wine and a $15 tip $150

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