Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup (Tuesday edition)

I guess you've gathered by now I don’t really update this while I'm away from work (setting readers expectation blah blah). Having said that, I barely did anything last week, had a week attack of the wobbles so spent most of my time in the vicinity of my house. Its toasty and warm, the projector is up and running and having proper internet now means I am catching up with lightening speed on all my stories!!!! Just finished season 3 of Breaking Bad, am almost finished season 4 of Big Love and am half way through season 4 of Dexter. Just in time as season 3 of True Blood started on Sunday (and when I need to mix things up I'm still working my way through Boston Legal season 3 and up to s5 of Nip Tuck). Woo! Happiness!

One thing of note, my company paid for a 3 hour comprehensive health check at a private clinic at St Vincents hospital last week. I am in perfect and I mean PERFECT health. My calcium, iron and b12 levels were through the roof, my cholesterol was almost non existent and my good cholesterol was the highest he'd ever seen. I don’t take my vitamins every day but I'm glad about the calcium because I was worried! The only two things he said I could improve was I need to lose 6 kgs and I could probably stand to drink more! (I only drink about 4 glasses of wine max a week). It made me feel very validated that all the hard work I've been doing on my health for the past 2 years has really paid off.



My new favourite. Their fried tofu breakfast with harissa, spinach, avocado on gluten free toast. Its expensive but a good alternative to Tom Phat (and really the quality at Greens has really gone down hill). Will post this soon.

Tom Phat

Again. It’s a weekly thang. Had my Tofu scramble. Best.

Vegie Bar

Had my salad again. I will try something different next time. I'm doing the blood type diet and cant eat chickpeas (and BOY did I pay when I did I was sick for about 24 hours) and the salad consists of a butt load of chickpeas. So something different next time.

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  1. WOW! That's awesome news about the A++++ health!!!!!


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