Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

I had a friend in town this week so most nights were spent cooking and laughing at home. Pie fever is taking over me, so is my blisters-the-paint amazing wall heater. Trying to withdraw and save energy before MIFF (6.5 week kids!!).


Fish Tank

Wow Cannes certainly has a 'language' and this is true to form. I really enjoyed this film, despite the 'shaky cam'. The light was beautiful as was the main characters performance, she was totally spell binding. Your usual depressing, this-is-life Cannes winner but it is a good one.


Tom Phat (twice)

I had my usual breakfast on Sunday after a omg I didnt cum trip on Saturday (I was CRAVING the nasi goreng) which they don’t do at lunch, I had the Pad Thai which I will write about shortly. Thank God the 'good chef' was on on Sunday otherwise I would be very frustrated right now.

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