Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

I did nothing last week. I've had gross cold that I just cant shake. I'm hoping its not my health deteriorating from my new house (there's mold in the walls) so I guess we'll just see. I've been pretty miserable because if I lie down too much my back goes out (which is where its at now) and when I don't do exercise I get shitty pretty quickly. SAD FASE TAKE PITY ON ME. I will, however, recommence date-tastic 2010 this week. 3 confirmed. Though I can totally see myself burning out by the end of the week and being sicker. CMON!


  1. Oh, that sucks! I hope it's not your house too - maybe it's just a mid-winter suckfest? Look after yourself, if there's anything I can bring you just let me know!

  2. eat oranges! harness the power of vitamin C! i hope you are feeling better soon :D

  3. commiserations - I have been having a bad winter for getting sick - maybe it is the weather - though all the rain probably doesn't help your mould - I lived in a mouldy flat in Edinburgh and it was so cold I kept it closed up but someone eventually said I needed to air the place and that helped with the mould (though I mostly aired it when I was at work because it was too cold)

  4. thanks Johanna its what I'm trying to do.... I'm not panic stations yet I dont want to have to move but BLEURGH!

    yep going to juice a fuckload of carrots and ginger tonight.... and thanks Lisa you are just a sweetypie!


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