Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pad Thai - Tom Phat - Brunswick


Oh Tom Phat. I was craving the Nasi Gorgeng but they don't do it at lunch (though it seems it is in roti wrap form which Clare had and loved). I've never said this before but I think this dish was too salty for me. It just missed the mark, too sour, salty, too much tamarind and the noodles were too difficult to handle. Sad fase. Tom Phat, you can be hit and miss!

Hit: Tofu Scramble and Nasi Goreng and Mango Coconut Crumble.
Miss: Pad Thai and Buddhas Delight.

Space: a warm exposed brick and wood 8/10
Service: too in different then too in your face 6/10
Food: a too sour and salty 6/10

Overall: 13.5/20

Deets: 184 Sydney Rd, Brunswick T: 9381 2374 w:
$$: $12.90

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