Wednesday, July 7, 2010

buckwheat pancakes with peanut butter, chocolate spread and maple syrup


Yep just what it said. My mother always taught me to make the best out of a bad situation. Well Sweet William 'nutella' is a bad situation. What is up with their products? They're all terrible. I dont know why I thought the 'nutella' would be different. Anyway! Bad situation made good. I made these pancakes with the Orgran buckwheat pancake mix, they can be a little dry (as with all gluten free) so drowning it in all these liquids made it AWESOME. Win all round!


  1. Sorry about that nutela. I like their white chocolate.
    Those pancakes look amazing. I'd serve them to my guests.

  2. the pancakes were great and so were the cookies.. there is uses for it after all :D

  3. You MUST be told about the vegan dark choc spread that Oxfam sells - You will never have to make the best of sweet william crud again, Seriously this stuff is insanely yum ( i made a sweet pizza with it and the rest i ate with a spoon over the next 11 days, yes it was glutinous but ooooohhhh so good)

  4. wow thank you so much!! I tend to not buy food online though... cant be bothered but I will keep this flagged for when I want some! its fair trade too! my favourite!


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