Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

How nice was the weather this week?


MIFF Launch

My Christmas. The day I spend the entire year counting down to. MIFF launch is usually a bunch of film nerds standing around wringing their hands with pinched expressions that scream 'I can haz program now?! KTHXBAI!". They're getting hip to it. The procession was thankfully short and we all filed out civilly shoving each other as much as we could to get the program. Gorgeous boys were already camped out on the floor reading theirs, I waited until I could get home and sit there pouring through it with a cup of tea. I am now booked in for 26 sessions. Do I think I will make them all? No but I'm going to bloody well try. Huzzah.

Animal Kingdom.

Fucking.Amazing. 5/5. Best film this year.

Grace Darling

Popped in for a drink. Man that place is sextastic on the weekends. Purr.

"Winter Warmer" potluck - My House.

Had the vegans over. It was amazing. Thanks for coming guys I had a blast.


Cabins at Ding Dong

Fucking amazing and put Tame Impala to shame.

Check em oote.

One year ago: Monday Melbourne Roundup (where I go to the MIFF launch ha!)


  1. Ohmygod, what is that creamy looking desserty pie thing??? Swoon x one million. I'm tearing up just looking at that photo.

    Looks like I missed out big time. Funnily, I thought I would recognise people in those pics. But nope.

  2. its banoffee pie... and it will be posted some time this week....

    yes you ALWAYS miss out!

  3. I know. I'm a giant loser.

    But hopefully a loser stuffing my face with banoffee pie when you post it.

  4. Banoffee pie was sooooo good!!!

  5. Can't wait to see what was in the bannoffee - was loverly and creamy - thanks for hosting the pot luck - had a great time!

    And am glad you thought Animal Kingdom was best film of the year - it is the only one I have seen at the cinema - so far - and I loved it!


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