Monday, August 30, 2010

Digital detox

Hi Everyone! I've been really concentrating on my self development lately. I've stopped dating, started meditating seriously and committed to doing the couch to 5 km running program (I'm on week two!). I've had to make a lot of massive life decisions lately and I guess I'm just giving myself room to get used to them. So in keeping with the space/self betterment I'm going on a digital detox for 2 weeks starting today (I will still be checking email) but no Facebook, no Twitter and no Blogging. Thanks for being the best readers EVER, you guys keep me inspired with your positivity and your great feedback but ALSO your wonderful cooking. So many of you have great food blogs.

So I'm going to miss you but I'll see you in two weeks! Adbusters digital detox is supposed to happen in April but its great to do it any time. xoxox.


  1. Enjoy your time away from the internet and keep up the C25k, it's fun! I start week 3 today :D

  2. sounds amazing xxx love and stay grounded

  3. Oooh good luck! And thanks so much for your blogging efforts, I am subscribed to your feed and love it! I have also just started my own blog if you are interested when you return to internet-land:
    I'm only just getting started and organised, but wanted to share nonetheless. Enjoy your break!! :)

  4. Good luck! I am back in Melbs so let me know if you want to run together, get a coffee or otherwise hang out in a non digital fashion.

  5. Hey, I keep coming across your blog in my search for vegan recipes, so will be following you from now on. I love the look of the tiramisu and avocado wisabi salad you made recently. I was thinking a vegan tiramisu was impossible, but certainly plan on trying this recipe :)
    Im interested in how your detox is going, probably something I should do too. I think I will try it once the weather warms up.



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