Thursday, August 19, 2010

mama vittoria's collingwood


Un-vegan friendly. I was there for a work function, ordinarily I wouldnt go to such a full on Italian restaurant by virtue of there really not being anything for me to eat. The staff were visibly "put out" when I asked what could be made vegan. As you can see my pizza was sparse and bland and for $19 an eye watering rip-off. I think the 2.5/5 on google is generous. The garlic pizzas had no flavour and the base was too chewy. Go to Bimbos yo!

No rating, no details (couldnt find any other bloggers reviews either). Dont eat there.


  1. That is certainly a very expensive vegie pizza :-(

  2. That's ri-DIC-ulous. As if they couldn't have at least filled up the base with vegan-friendly antipasto-style toppings like sun dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes, rocket, chargrilled vegies... LAME.

  3. guys! this was how much the pizzas were... ALL pizzas.. I just took the cheese off that.. and added artichokes.. but yeah totally pathetic.. I dont think anyone was happy with their pizzas either...


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