Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup



The genius within - The inner life of Glenn Gould

Stunning doco about a fascinating man. Totally captivating. 4/5

Worlds greatest dad

Wow, they weren't kidding about this being a "black comedy", I can genuinely say that this is the blackest comedy (whilst still being actually funny) I've ever seen (and I've seen Four Lions since I saw this). This makes rape jokes look like Pixar. Robin Williams total return to form in Bobcat Goldthwaites second film as writer/director, this was completely amazing comedy territory... it really reminded me of late 70s Steve Martin stuff. Totally amazing. 4/5

Au hasard Balthazar

Film art wank. It was beautifully shot. A film staring a donkey in the French countryside in the 50s. Its exactly what you think it would be like. 2/5


Absolutely awful. Terrible over acting, serious prop/costume continuity issues, awful dialogue, awful story set up. I walked out after half an hour. 0/5

No trailer.


Completely compelling. I have to admit it really just glued together everything I think about the world. The quote "I believe the love of money can truly make the human race extinct" pretty much sums up this film and how I feel. Do I think we will be wiped out in my life time? Maybe not.. .but I definitely think its coming in the next 200-300 years... The documentary was very well put together as well. 4/5

Women without men

This is one of the most stunning films I've ever seen. Not everyone will like this, not everyone will see what I see in this but this film was a truly profound and moving experience for me. I only give 5 stars to things that actually change me as a person, change my DNA.... that say something so beautiful, that speak a symphony that I feel the world is a better place for having it in it... This film completely and utterly killed me and has been the best thing I've seen at MIFF so far... Every single element in this film is perfection, cinematography, direction, acting, music, editing, every single frame is like the most beautiful photograph you have ever seen. Also bear in mind that I'm pretty much working towards being such hardcore feminist I'll end up living in a lesbian separatist community soon.... 5/5

Women Without Men - Trailer from IndiePix on Vimeo.

Four Lions

I'll be honest, Chris Morris could film himself reading the phone book for an hour and a half and I would tearily call it a searing masterpiece on the hypocrisy of the modern world. Thankfully Four Lions is not that, and is utterly amazing. See it. 4.5/5


An incredibly gentle, wonderful documentary. I'm tired of writing reviews now. This is super just see it. 4.5/5

Pie Face Bakeoff - KLT's House

I won best sweet pie with my tiramisu pie (where I was the only vegan and gluten free entry) woo hoo!


And the winner! Collapsing under the weight of its own awesome


Recipe coming tomorrow dont fret kids!

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