Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Melbourne Roundup

I burned out pretty hard on MIFF in the end. I saw 19 films and sacked 7 for one reason or another. The people were really beginning to irritate me! Much rowdier crowd this year, also seeing so many things back to back really diminished their effect on me. Most films now are filed under 'watch again', still a great way to see a lot of good cinema that you wouldnt ordinarily be exposed to. My third MIFF down, I will do it even BETTER next year! Bai bai MIFF for another year. Now my first Writers Festival event is this week, but really trying to keep a low profile during August.



The Danish brokeback and just as wonderfully done in my opinion. 4/5

The Kids are Alright

I cant tell whether I hated this film or liked this film. Most people in it were total arseholes. 2/5

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