Monday, August 16, 2010

monday melbourne roundup

A not so busy week, then a really busy weekend!


Book Club - Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland

It was my pick this month. The Doug fans LOVED it, others did not. I encourage you all to read more or any Douglas Coupland <3

Bret Easton Ellis @ The Athenaum

I was apprehensive about this, I didn’t really want to find out that he was a self obsessed arsehole. It took a while for Bret to relax and lose his defenses (why are we surprised when writers are weird and difficult in interviews ESPECIALLY on stage in FRONT of bajillions of people, they're WRITERS!) he was utterly charming, sweet and lovely. I'm so glad I went it was wonderful. Hero intact.

LUCKY YOU!! The whole thing is now online!

Equal Love Rally - Saturday 14th August

Homophobia and discrimination are important issues. Just because it doesn’t effect you doesn’t mean you should not stand up for it. If you want to get involved the next rally event invite is HERE


The Greens Fundraiser at the Noise Bar

This was a sweet little gathering, some great music, great food donated by the lovely Anikee at Radical Grocery. It was nice to be out having a couple of ciders.


I've been sitting on this for a few weeks, waiting until film fest was over to watch it. All I can say it.. I love Noah Baumbach.. his films are so gentle... the attention to detail is astonishing. 4.5/5



I ATE SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! Stay tuned for a review but suffice to say it was as wonderful as usual.


Avo on toast, didn’t bother taking photos. Although the bread is the BEST EVER, its really stressful to eat there on the weekend. I don’t want to go there on the weekends anymore.

Tom Phat

My first Tom Phat in ages. The scrambled tofu continues to rock my world.

One year ago: Black Forrest Cake


  1. I wanted to read that eleanor rigby book - glad to have a recommendation - sounds like you have been having an interesting life lately - have never managed to find a table at dench on the weekend but love buying their bread - it is ages since I visited

  2. I was a the BEE thing as well. He was quite lovely. But how horrible were the last few questions!

  3. yeah Johanna my fear of missing out disorder has over taken me again and I'm afraid I'm out of control until next March now.. festival season is upon us...

    nicole I know!!! I'm embarrassed to say i used to live with 'the educator' as shes now know as.. she caused me to never want to live with someone ever again!!


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