Wednesday, August 18, 2010

shakahari - carlton


I ATE SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! Simon and I shared the avocado tempura (not pictured) which was delicious as usual and seems to be the thing corriander haters can get on board with! Feeling gross and bloated from a weekend of pigging out on wheat I decided to get the Shakahari salad a mixture of steamed and raw vegies with brown rice and an apple flavoured satay sauce. This was absolutely delicious and perfectly balanced. Dessert I can never go past the tofu crème caramel, it wasn’t its best this time the tofu wasn’t as perfectly held together it crumbled into runny eggs quite quickly. The service, although always with a beautiful smile was light on the ground and I felt we waited too long for pretty much everything. The restaurant was also FREEZING. The food is still sublime but the rest of it was really down this time.

Deets: best to book to avoid disappointment 201-203 Faraday St, Carlton ph: 9347 3848
$$: each dish was around $13.50

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  1. I've never tried the salads at Shakahari (I always skim right past without looking) but maybe it's time to try! That looks amazing!

  2. One of my regrets is not going to Shakahari when I was in Melbourne :( Your meal looks amazing.

  3. You forgot Company: 10/10

    It's true re: the coriander. I'm a long time coriander hater, and yet I was OK with it. Pretty sure it was the sesame evening things out. The lasagne (my choice) was also surprisingly good. I was expecting something pretentiously fruity, but it managed to eschew gluten/processed ingredients and still come together as a dish you'd feel comfortable calling 'lasagne'. I could eat it all day.

    Had an awesome time. Thanks again!

  4. steph, I'm TOTALLY the same, I didnt even KNOW they had a salads section, was totally delicious you should try it!

    mandee you MISSED OUT!! if I had to recommend a top three veg places to eat in Melbourne thats number one, then vegie bar then enlightened cuisine

    simon: *paws at you*

  5. that salad looks excellent - funny you found it freezing - I remember going there when it was about 43 C in summer on my last visit and it was unbearably hot - must return for salads once the sun comes back into our part of the world


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