Wednesday, August 4, 2010

vegan sausage rolls


People foam at the mouth at the announcement that Cindy and Michael have brought their "sausage rolls" to potluck. They are so coveted that I have NEVER been able to manage to get a sample before they are all gone (yeah slow poke, too busy stuffing myself with something else no doubt). So on the weekend I decided to make some (its sausage roll weather no?) and also a good snack to pack for MIFF. I did pretty much ALL substitution as I didn't have ANY of the ingredients on hand, but these turned out UH-MAZING. The original recipe is here.

125g pinenuts, toasted
1 onion, diced
1/2 cup of cooked bulghur (I cooked in vegie stock)
1/2 cup of cooked lentils (again in vegie stock)
1/4 cup rolled oats
1 teaspoon garlic powder
3 tablespoons soy sauce
fresh parsley, chopped (to taste)
1 tbsp of liquid smoke
salt and pepper, to taste
3-4 frozen puff pastry sheets, defrosted
non dairy milk or olive oil spray to brush pastry

1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

2. Pulse the ingredients in a food processor until it resembles sausage mince. Place sausage shape amount of filling along the width end of a piece of pastry and roll tightly (spraying the pastry with olive oil spray along the way so it 'seals' together when rolled over). Pack the ends with mince, you might need the end of a wooden spoon or something to get it all in there.

3. Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until golden brown. Seriously, its that easy.

notes: Always keep pastry damp, defrost in the packet and don't open until you're ready to use it. If it is already open, put a damp, clean tea towel over the top. If you dont have liquid smoke GET SOME or a sprinkle of smoked paprika would be amazing. My oven is MUNTED, there is only 'low' or 'high' so my temps are always a bit generic you guys are smart enough to figure this all out though.


  1. That surplus bulghur is getting a work out! I've booked marked this to have a crack at it on the weekend

  2. This looks like a cool variation! I love liquid smoke but don't think I've ever put it in these.

  3. look fantastic - so glad you finally tasted the famous sausage rolls - they are one of my favourite blogging discoveries - they are even better for being open to change

  4. Margarita: would love to hear how you went

    Cindy: I'm always trying to work it in (liquid smoke)

    Johanna: yes! NOM!

  5. i just cooked your version today- freakin delicious and that's from a fussy chef who's fairly new to all things vegan. i added some grated carrot for more veg goodness, some fresh sage and since i didnt have liquid smoke i used a little smoked paprika. Sausage roll and homemade tomato good. thank you, your blog is great. :)

  6. thank you so much! always love to hear from people who use the recipes!! and positive feedback is always good too! thanks for the props!! xoxo

  7. I made (a version of) these for 'Straya Day yesterday. MASSIVE success. Looked so scarily real and tasted amazing. Minus the lentils + the bulghur - went for bread crumbs, carrot, tofu instead. Oh and liquid smoke in Darwin - not a chance. Still awesome.

  8. mim thats sounds amazing! you can buy liquid smoke online and have it shipped to you from USA foods... its in Melbourne and I still buy it online haha.

  9. I made this version yesterday and it was even better than where's the beef's version! I'm going to go make a ton for the freezer now!

  10. I know I'm a little late to the party but I just made these and they were DELICIOUS. I didn't have some of your ingredients, so I had to sub out the subs haha. Ended up using walnuts, rice crumbs and fresh coriander - so good. :D

    1. thanks so much for commenting!!! so glad they worked out for you :) I need to make a batch soon

  11. Made these tonight for dinner - delicious - all gone!! Plain, with tomatoe sauce or nice chutney - works a treat either way and even satisfied 4 fussy adult vegans ...will be making these again very soon and will probably freeze a batch as well (assume that should work if I freeze before cooking). Served with your simple salad !! Thanks for sharing ...


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