Monday, September 13, 2010

monday melbourne roundup - THE IM BACK EDITION!

Well! Hello!!!!! What a refreshing two weeks off from social networking! I read 4 books, hung out with my friends SO much and became SUCH a better employee! (also did a lot of school work). Lesson learned? No FB or Twitter at work. In fact I've lost interest in FB pretty much all together I spend about 10 minutes on there everyday and thats it. So this MMR is going to be a big one so strap yourself in! (oh and I MISSED YOU GUYS HARD!)


Horse Bazaar

Horse Bazaar is becoming my favourite place to hang out in the city. The kitchen is open late, the hunched, silent Japanese lady who delivers your steaming plates captivating in her mystery! Then the food! $8 dounburis and noodle plates (also a much larger menu of snacks), always filled with surprising ingrediants (walnuts or sunflower seeds, sweet potato, currents, broccoli, zucchini). I love what this lady does with food, also the recycled interior and the FACT that its chilled out and half full on a Friday night is a MAJOR win. Stay tuned for individual reviews as I've been there a couple of times over the past few weeks.

Movida Next Door

No photos. The menu at the moment is eXTREMELY limited for vegans, you can only get the patatas bravas with no mayo and the asparagus side dish. Solution? Two plates of patatas bravas, bread and aspargus and we ROLLED out of there.. Onto the Burton Club.

Tom Phat

I had my old friend the tofu scramble. Clare and I usually get there before 930am on a Saturday and its consistently excellent as you have seen from most of my reviews. I've had a lot of friends tell me they hate it there, they usually go after 1030am AND NOW I KNOW WHY. The service was TERRIBLE, the waiting times EXTREME (average 10 minutes for a drink and 35 minutes for food). By the time our food came to our table my scramble tofu arrived luke warm and I had to send it back. I don’t really know what to say about all this! My food, once it came back hot, was delicious as usual but yeah I'm going to stick to getting there before 930am!

Wabi Sabi

Again I didn’t take any photos, been really trying to live this offline jaunt. Wabi Sabi is a pretty traditional Japanese restaurant, the space is lovely and so is the staff. The food is delicious, fresh and expertly put together. However its extremely expensive. For $100 between to the two of us I would prefer to go to Gingerboy (our bill last time at Gingerboy was $90). I'm not sure there is anywhere on Smith st that I like to eat at anymore besides Trippy Taco and Las Vegan. I havent been to Grumpy Greens admittedly. Perhaps I'll go there next.

A Minor Place

Oh Henrys Beans, you are dreamy. Post coming later.


Joss Whedon

Ok I admit it. I shed a few tears of disbelief and awe when the man himself took the stage. He could have sat there doing bonsai all night and I would have been tearfull captivated, however the academic woman they had interviewing him was a serious MISS by Writers Festival. I understand the importance of having a woman interview him, but what could we realistically expect from an academic? SHE WAS SO BORING. Thankfully and in an ironic turn of fate the audience questions were excellent and gave us what we came for. I'm a relative Joss nut so I knew most of the things he talked about bar a few which was ALL worth it for me. Hearing 5K people scream like it was the Beatles when he came out on stage was also one of my most satisfying moments of 2010. Thank you MWF for an inspired choice in guests!

Japanese Bathouse - Collingwood

If you're not familiar with the Japanese Bathhouse GET FAMILIAR. I've been going there since I first moved to Melbourne 7 years ago and its just an oasis away from the world. Communal baths for up to 6 men and 6 women, stick around for a shiatsu after your booking and feel like they screwed your head on a completely new body. Not cheap at about $115 for a bath and shiatsu but completely worth it.

Tim Burton Club

The Burton exhibition is open late on Thursday nights (till 10) so they have Burton club! Where all manner of amazing acts come together to perform. The foyer of ACMI is transformed into a black and white and red and white striped wonderland with zombie hula hoopers and amazing acts. We got there late (last drinks is usually about 945) so I'm hoping I can get it together enough to go a few more times before the exhibition closes.

Buddhist Meditation Centre

In part of my 'getting my life together' drive I've started proper meditation classes (I've meditated at home for the past 4 years). The centre is lovely, filled with beautiful friendly people. If you've ever had the curiosity or inclination I suggest you go along for a drop in class. $10 on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. If you go along to Saturday morning and see me say hi!

The City at Red Stitch

I don’t really get what this was about. This was the play I least enjoyed at Red Stitch. Clare and I went along to see whether we wanted to get another subscription (we had one a few years back) this wasn’t a great way to be reintroduced. I think I'll stick to winning tickets and going along.

Tickets were won through Fringe Dwellers.

West Side Story

This is the third time I've seen West Side Story staged. Essentially Romeo and Juliet with all singing ballet dancing street gangs. Its pretty amazing. The set was fantastic, Tonys voice was incredible but Maria was a huge let down. Very miscast, her operatic singing made her delivery completely non comprehensible. The song Somewhere usually makes me bawl like a little baby with this I was just sitting there irritated at how the song was being completely butchered. Also what was with the little contemporary sequence during Somewhere as well? This production was all over the shop but I still enjoyed it. I got $65 seats through halftix, I would have been pissed if I had paid the $150 full price.


The Killer Inside Me

The Human Centipede
Crazy German scientist kidnaps young people, joins them mouth to anus and trains his human centipede to do tricks? Hilarious, amazing, gross - everything you want out of a horror film. 3/5.

Alice in Wonderland
Tim.. Tim Tim Tim…. I really didn’t like the story, it *looked* stunning but its essentially Tim Burtons Lord of the Rings. Yawn. 2.5/5.

Cairo Time
Patricia Clarkson is stunning. A great non conventional romance film. I really enjoyed this. 3/5.

The Ghost Writer
For a msytery/thriller this wasn’t particularly mysterious or thrilling but it kept me interested and engaged through the whole thing. Sometimes it just nice to watch a film that is made WELL and tells its story coherantly (and has a coherant story) if not a hokey ending. 3/5.

A typical 'mumblecore' film. Not much happens, some people go to work, they come home, they eat a meal, they have sex with their ex boyfriend, they visit their mums. Something happens at the end. If this was an exercise test you would still be getting your shoes on. A genre that would appeal to only a certain kind of person, I did however really like this film. 3/5.


  1. Grumpy's is a great fun place to go for drinks (and trivia!), but I wouldn't highly recommend the food. They're especially average at vegan food for a vegetarian place.

    Peko Peko is the bomb though - better and cheaper than the still excellent Wabi Sabi.

  2. Yeah, The Killer Inside Me and Alice in Wonderland both disappointed me too.

    I thought Killer was well directed and acted, but was a whole lotta violence (esp against women) without anything of substance to say about it.

    And Alice was a whole lotta pretty without plot. Enjoyed seeing the costumes at the Burton exhibition at least. :-)

  3. My fav on Smith Street is Wood Spoon Kitchen - way cheaper than Wabi Sabi and all the vegan stuff is marked. Not as cutesy as Wabi Sabi though.

    LOVE your rundown of the Joss Whedon event! Wish I could have been there. My flatmate flew to Sydney to see him.

    I saw Alice on the plane... meh. Didn't hate it but didn't love it.

  4. ok so I have a list! peko peko and wooden spoon! hoorah! I went to peko peko once and wasnt that impressed.. but I will try again!

  5. Yeah Wood Spoon rules! But I did also love Wabi Sabi, particularly for cosiness.

    Grumpy's is pretty average on the food front, and I'm boycotting them for being vegan haters. Seriously, what's the deal in being a vegetarian pub who hates vegans? Are they just a vegetarian pub cos it's cool to be green these days or something?


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