Thursday, September 16, 2010

vegie dumplings - horse bazaar - melbourne


UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT - menu has changed - do not recommend

11pm on a Friday night, I've been drinking a lot of red wine. Horse Bazaar came through like a CHAMPION. Firstly, I'm relatively convinced that these dumplings are hand made, as is the dipping sauce. The freshness and the texture of the dumplings were superb. The filling was good but the dipping sauce was what let it down. A bit too much vinegar and ginger for me (totally over powering). Judging by the quality of the other dishes there I'm willing to think this was just a slip! Or that they like their dipping sauce SUPER vinegary (in which case I'll happily order several other dishes on the menu). Top stuff and the best option for last night boozy snacking in my mind! Sorry for the poor photo.

397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne web:
$$: dumplings $6

Other voices, other times:

horse bazaar one

I cant seem to find any other food reviews. GO EAT THERE! :D

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  1. YUM! dumplings are my favourite food in the world! These look delish, i'm a fan of a super vinegar-y sauce so i think i would love it!


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