Wednesday, September 22, 2010

vegie noodles - horse bazaar - melbourne


UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT - menu has changed - do not recommend

Sweet, salty, crunchy, slurpy. Mysterious, mute Japanese lady of Horse Bazaar I think I love you. Shuffling over, coy Mona Lisa smile on her face, she delicately plops 2 steaming plates of perfectly cooked vegetables and noodles in front of you, bows, then shuffles away. Tofu, sesame seeds, currents, walnuts, teriaki sauce, al dente noodles and crunchy vegetables - I'm licking my lips in remembrance and planning on going there tonight. $8 or under for most meals, the staff are friendly and unpretentious. With decent tunes and a comfy interior, Horse Bazaar you really are super fun. They do food from lunch till midnight most days.

Excuse the terrible photo, its pretty much pitch dark in there.

397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne web:
$$: donburi/noodles plates $8

Other voices, other times:

Horse Bazaar One, Two


  1. Nom nom nom. Really makes me want to go to Horse Bazaar. I should try to talk the Thursday night Twitter crowd into going there for dinners :)

  2. its not a terrible photo at all, it lusciously lured me in. actually i think the bright centre and edges fading into darkness work well with delectable mystery of the shiny lady silently bringing your noodles...


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