Monday, October 4, 2010

monday melbourne roundup

This past week has been nuts. I got home on Tuesday afternoon from New Zealand and its been non stop. Clare always takes me to Movidas when I get home... to remind me of what I am missing. hah. As if I could forget. These days I get so homesick its becoming an actual sickness. I never thought I could feel about a city like I do Melbourne.


Honey Bar - South Melbourne - Social Melb twitter function

There is so much wrong with the above sentence which is why I've never gone. South Melbourne? *gag* .. something called Honey Bar? *double gag* but I've always been keen to check out the social melb twitter people. Who are they? Are they crippled geeks with comb overs? Are they OTT Patrick Batemens with PDAs? The answer is surprisingly somewhere in between. I went with Dan who is starting Milk Bar mag and we sulked in the corner for 5 minutes but then I was all.. FEET FIRST. I met some interesting people. Dan met some interesting people. I am sure we will go again. Oh and well I guess I can tell you that I will be also writing for Milk Bar mag. Doing food writing and a few other things. Seasonal produce and whatever I pull my finger out and write about. So add Milk Bar mag to your RSS feed. Its going to be awesome. I'm super excited about the project! Oh and the red wine was REALLY bad, I ended up having terrifying red wine nightmares after 2 glasses and felt hung over the next day. Thats bad wine to me.

* eats/drinks will continue to be covered with individual posts - bars/restaurants I am not doing posts for will continue to be in MMR.


  1. (re: your comment on Where's the Beef)

    Hey Carla,

    Couldn't find a way to contact you directly through your own blog, so I'll post here. I notice you're in Brunswick. I found black salt (the egg-scented one) at Synergy Enterprises, a big Indian grocery store in Brunswick. It's on the Eastern side of Sydney Road, about five shops North from the intersection with Brunswick Road. Double-width shop with big orange signage. They have a big range of spices and may well have the other one you mentioned too.

    Hope this helps.


  2. hi leigh, thanks for the comment! yes I've been told about that shop before still havent gone there! must do it soon. I've been wanting to cook from Vegan Brunch again lately... so this is definitely a push! :)

  3. i think they sell black salt at just about every indian grocery shop in melbourne! shouldn't be too hard to find...

  4. The *Gag* we understand. There's not a lot of love around for South Melbourne. The *Double gag*? We like the name HONEY :) it beats the alternatives "The Limerick Arms, The Golden Gate Hotel and The Star Bar"

    If you're in the South again anytime feel free to send me a msg @theHONEYBAR I'll find you a headache free wine option on me.

  5. Hi honey bar... I make no secret that I'm a hideous snob of the northside variety (the blogs url is northside ladies) I'll be coming along to social melb drinks again never fear.


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