Monday, October 11, 2010

monday melbourne roundup


stifters dinge - melbourne arts festival

Arts festival creates such child like awe and wonder in me. Stifters Dinge (Stifters Things) is billed as "A play without actors, a performance without performers and a concert without musicians". Its one of the most magical things I've ever seen. If you go to one things this Arts festival go to Stifters Dinge. Srsly.

Oh well never mind bye - Red Stitch

I love Red Stitch because it brings a lot of very recent modern plays to the Melbourne scene and experiments with what it produces. Although it was a preview and a little 'rough' I enjoyed this play immensely. Set in a 4 week period around the London bombings it has a lot to make you think about. The nature of 'news' and 'reporting' and ethics in your personal life vs your work. Red Stitch is a gem in an already rich theatre scene in Melbourne.

shut up and dance - melbourne fringe

Every year the amazing and eye wateringly talented The Town Bikes do a dance party at Fringe Festival and every year is the high light of my year. This years crowd was a little disappointing, not as dressed up as usual but the acts were completely amazing. Its free, its always at Fringe Hub (North Melbourne Town Hall) and you should look out for it next year. Its pretty much where I want to go when I die. Oh and the ever lovely, completely gorgeous Marieke Hardy is the DJAY setting the dance floor on fire with her tunes.



The first time I went to Gingerboy completely and utterly blew me away. This time I was crazy disappointed. Review coming soon.

Von Haus

Continues to be my favourite watering hole in Melbourne. Swoon fase.


  1. Ah, crap. I've got a Gingerboy reservation next month that I was really looking forward to.

  2. honestly it wasnt bad, but on the back of bopha devi.. the food is actually better at bopha devi... but it may be different for you with a bigger menu to choose from.

    the service was what really let it down this time. they were very apologetic and offered us free drinks... but by the time that was offered (the bill) I was soured over the whole experience.


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