Monday, October 25, 2010

monday melbourne roundup

romance is blooming in the easy as vegan pie household. WOOOOOOO. oh and I registered and hooked up YEAH! next step some cards printed. Im going to New York in November and its nice to have something to hand out. Does anyone know of a service like Moo Cards in Australia? Oh and I now have a facebook page, if you havent become a fan already please do!


a woman, a gun and a noodleshop

an interesting re-telling of the Coen Brothers first film "Blood Simple". I enjoyed this, I especially loved the landscape and thought it was beautifully shot. My friends thought it was boring.

tomorrow in a year- melbourne arts festival

Whoa. I can only describe this as giving a bunch of egomanical, poorly talented year 7 students a shit load of money and telling them to create a modern opera. This was SO BAD I wanted to walk out but my flatmate wanted to stay. Some quotes from Twitter: "TOMORROW, IN A YEAR. Anything, even a hot salt water enema, would be better than this derivative, unintelligent rubbish", "Shows like this are why the general public doesn't want their taxes spent on contemporary art.", "If you told me this was a satire of modern opera created by Monty Python, I would have believed you".

Its one of those things that I'm glad I actually went because I would not have been able to completely comprehend how bad people were saying it was. REALLY BAD. The music by the Knife was incredible.


berlin bar

still love it. ITS SUCH A WANK I CANT GET OVER IT. and they sell gin and tonics in tall high ball glasses?!?! what the fuck is that about that really pisses me off! when did standard drinks start getting served in yard glasses? in any event it was totally chilled out and civilised on a Friday night in the city. Which is completely awesome.

Von Haus

OH MY GOD, the girl who has the full on Geisha hair has started working there. I've been so obsessed with her for YEARS. Love von haus... love love love you.

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  1. Oh gosh, that noodle shop movie was sooo boring :) I seriously considered walking out halfway, and I was so excited to see it. Landscape was amazing though.


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