Wednesday, October 20, 2010

movida aqui - melbourne - city

Esparragos charcoal grilled green asparagus with romesco $17
Alcachofas - Artichokes with almonds, parsley and lemon $13
Bravas - crispy fried potatoes with spicy bravas sauce $11

Movida doing asparagus, I just about cried. Every single sauce and flavouring at Movida makes your tongue tingle with excitement just like you've eaten sherbet. I keep going back as it remains to be my favourite in Melbourne. I try others but nothing really compares. They are warm and gracious when you ask what can be made vegan on the menu. They give 'magic genie' service, arriving psychically when needed, plates magically disappear, more wine materialises out of thin air al lthe while you being completely engrossed in your dining partners. Go go go.

Deets: 1/500 Bourke St, Melbourne web:
$$: 4 glasses of wine, 3 dishes plus tip $100

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  1. Ooooh, those artichokes look amazing! I've only ever had them canned before...

    P.S. SO sorry for my lameness in recipe-reviewing! I do intend to get back into it soon, but got swept away by essay marking!

  2. that asparagus looks amazing - wish I could get myself organised to get there but eating out is not so common these with wee imp in tow.

  3. hi hannah no worries! I'm so behind myself, I'm not sure WHEN OR IF I'll ever get the next 5 recipes out! ugh! need a few good hours to myself to edit/cook etc but just dont have the time atm!

    johanna, the next time you can make it out san bubbee... PLEASE DO THIS!! It will only make even more special x

  4. this reminds me that still have to blog about our trip there on toby's birthday last month, we looovvvvvvvved the artichokes


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