Friday, October 15, 2010

prince alfred hotel - port melbourne


What is up with pubs these days? I don’t understand how they can charge $25-30 for meals!! That’s how much a dish is at Gingerboy and several other wonderful restaurants around town. BUT! Lots of places are now doing fabulous cheap, quick lunch menus (and cheap nights during the week) like the Prince Alfred in Port Melbourne. Its hard working in Port Melbourne finding a place that can cater to everyone (I work with mainly steak eating men, a couple of vegetarians and me the only vegan). The vegetarian main on the $15 lunch menu is also vegan! I love it when places do that! Why not cater to everyone! The pies made with harissa roasted eggplant and pumpkin were totally delicious, served with a salad of quinoa, salsa and cherry tomatoes were the perfect companion. The dish looks smalls but the combination of the quinoa and pies were full-to-the-brim filling.

Bonus points: the staff were super friendly and helpful when I rang up to find out about their vegan options. Stuck for somewhere in Port Melbourne for lunch? The Prince Alfred is pretty rad (and they were playing 80s female hair metal the entire time).

355 Bay St, Port Melbourne
$$: Vegetarian pies $15

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