Friday, October 8, 2010

revel cafe - k road - auckland - new zealand


After reading Moira's posts raving about Revel Cafe I had to go! But being the ditz that I am I forgot which she recommended as the best vegan breakfast in Auckland (its the beans btw) and got the mixed vegan breakfast instead. Taking Moira's advice the portion was HUGE so my friend and I shared it. Revels a great little cafe, off beat, really reminds of me of the cafes I grew up going to in Newtown in the 80s. Slightly cramped, op shop/hard rubbish furniture, cheap prices, good tunes, slightly pinging staff. The food was great! Your better than average vegan breakfast. Mushrooms, hummous, spinach, pesto and sundried tomato pesto, potatoes, fried tofu, grilled tomatoes served with a side of grainy toast. NOM.

Revels clearly labelled, delicious and abudant vegan options makes this cafe a total stand out. On leaving I grabbed a couple of small vegan pies and some chocolate cake from the display case and both items were AMAZING. Like seriously amazing. The pie was filled with roasted vegies and pineapple(!!) surrounded in puff pastry and the chocolate cake was really like a torte, thick and creamy with a biscuit base. Sadly there were no cupcakes the day I went in but going on the strength of everything else they serve I'm sure Moira's rave reviews are correct. Revel is a total winner.

deets: 146 K Road, Newton, New Zealand, (09) 309 2372
$$: vegan breakky was $16NZ I think?!? easily fed two people though


  1. This reminds me that I haven't been to Revel in way too long. I don't even think they had the mixed vegan breakfast last time I went. But Moira is right, the beans on toast is really really good.

  2. mm beans on toast!

  3. omg the beans on toast is the besttt


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