Monday, November 1, 2010

monday melbourne roundup

love is blooming. swoon fase.


Bimbos - Fitzroy
Still loving the eternally good napolitana with no anchovies.

Urban burger - Port Melbourne
Pretty much the WORST veggie burger I've ever had. I paid an extra 50c for extra sauce so I didnt feel like I was eating cardboard. rubbery bun, flavourless patty, almost zero salad, dont, just dont.

Rays - Brunswick
Nom. Review coming soon.

Markov Place - Carlton
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this bar. LOVE. The cider on tap is rubbish, get the very decent Kiwi cider Monteiths in a bottle. Very relaxed, nice staff, nice bar nibbles, sit out the front the side walk in the sun. Double points now the cop shop isn't there anymore!

Ying Thai Two - Carlton

Monk Bodhi Dharma - Balaclava
I finally went and YES the french toast IS all that. Review coming.

Babaleventine Trading Co. - Brunswick
Still amazing after all this time. Previous review here, the service there is excellent and relaxed. The food is very very good. One of Brunswicks best.

African Town - Footscray
I had never eaten African food before (quelle horror) and it was COMPLETELY AMAZING. It seems most things that are vegetarian are also vegan, we got the lunch platter for two which was 4 dishes and a giant inerja which is like a huge savoury pancake to eat you lunch off. DO IT.


  1. lovely to hear that you're in love! :D

  2. Urban Burger was the worst thing I ate while in Melbtown. BLERG.

  3. :D thanks vegiebug and yes Mandee SO HORRIBLE!!


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