Monday, November 8, 2010

monday melbourne roundup


Winters Bone

Whoa, when Americans do Australian film. This film was INTENSE and HARROWING but really REALLY amazing. So beautifully shot.

(and ANYTHING with Deadwood actors makes me SQUEAL!! And LAURA PALMER is in it for about 5 minutes)



Nicholson st Brunswick East is starting to get some life into it! (I wish they were coming to Sydney road instead but who am I to begrudge the residents of Brunny East?). Milkwood is a gorgeous little café, again we only had coffee so I cant tell you what the food is like. The interior is lovely, sunny and the staff are super friendly and conciensious!


I finally got to Munsterhaus when it was open! (had a few misses!) KLT and I only had coffee (and I had a nibble on a brownie) but I did take away a lunch box which was completely freaking delicious. Munsterhaus is great to have, especially so close to me. They were also really happy to have a kid in which some places are not. I will have to go back to do a proper review.


Gingerboy is becoming like my relationship with Wes Anderson, hot, cold, hot. This Saturdays visit was HOT, really great and amazing and the food was incredible. The review will be up on Milk Bar sometime soon.

Markov Place

LOVE MARKOV PLACE. I seem to find myself there a lot lately. Great alternative to the Lygon street strip to meet someone for a drink before Nova!


  1. Milkwood looks wonderful, keep meaning to go in there, but always seem to be zooming by on the way to somewhere else. Must make the effort to drop by!

  2. i loved winters bone too. MIFF does a good job of always having one hillbilly film with an awesome soundtrack in the programme...


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