Monday, November 15, 2010

monday melbourne roundup

I've been a bit boring this week, passport renewals, exams. I've also had a bit of time on my own which has been fabulous! Its hard getting used to sleeping next to someone again, its also hard getting used to not having so much time anymore. Both are well worth it however :D. I finally got to catch up on a bunch of TV.. Started Mad Men S4, caught up on Dexter, 30 Rock and Boardwalk Empire.

Looking for NYC suggestions, not only food but places/buildings. Give me your top two things I must do. Xo.


Book club at Edinburgh Castle - The Womens Room

I pretty much hate this pub. The food is awful, the staff are rude and the old men who were the original habitants of this pub are gross and leary. Free ping pong though and a huge beer garden.

Plush Pizza

I managed to get to Plush before they sell it (anybody interested in buying a vegetarian pizza place? They're for sale!) a lovely night was had. Review soon!

Tom Phat

Yeow! I ate something new! Review coming this week.


I had the avo on toast again, it wasn’t as good as the first time. The coffee is really superb though. Manically busy on the weekend.

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