Monday, November 22, 2010

monday melbourne roundup

Busy busy busy. I tried making the prototype test wedding cake on the weekend and it wasn't as good as I hoped. It would take a lot more experimentation than I have time (or cash!) for in order for me to get a finished result I was happy with. Vegan white chocolate ganache is hard to make and gross and does not have the desired out come.

Was sexually harassed at a trivia function on Friday night, I am going to make a sexual harassment/sexism blog (I have please follow me!), sometimes I feel like I'm crazy because I am complaining about once a month to HR about something so I guess it will make me feel better to see them all stacked in one place (or maybe not better just less crazy perhaps). I'm off to LA and NYC on Friday so things might be sparse around here while I'm away. Rest assured I will be finding the best places in both cities to report on and going back to some of my old favourites in LA. Any tips please please let me know!

Have you entered the competition yet? Closes midnight tonight!

Big love!


The Town

I didn’t mind this one bit, your typical boof head action movie but it was very well made and very tightly put together!

Milkbar Mag launch at The Workers Club

Man I have to say I am impressed with Dan the editor more and more. There were over 200 people signed up for the email list, the place was packed and a steady stream of milk bar themed snacks made for an awesome night. The acts and bands were fantastic too! A sign of things to come hopefully!


Markov Place

I'm still the mayor and I still love it. Though they really need to get a better range of cider. Their shoe string chips are unreal and I got their beet salad with no feta and that was lovely too!

Movida Aqui

Another trip. This time I experienced what Frank Comorra does with mushrooms. SENSATIONAL. Review coming soon.

Tom Phat

The nasi goreng. The end. NOM NOM. My review of Tom Phat for Milk Bar went up today.

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