Wednesday, November 3, 2010

monk bodhi dharma - balaclava


Balaclava from a Northside snobs point of view is 'acceptable'. Old Italian guys in suits cruising the perfectly dressed nonnas at the tram stop, the Hassidic Jews scurrying from one shop to another, its like the "old world" smack bang in New Sydney Town (its my name for 'Mexico' or *whispers* the Southside). So add a lady, a car, a hankering for exploration and two gluttonous stomachs and you find us Southside exploring the hot new veg café on the block.

I'm not one for a sweet breakfast. Seriously. Its completely bizarre, considering the sweet tooth I have but give me some beans or tahini on toast ANY DAY over pancakes. So with a heaving, leg shaking sigh I declare Monk Bodhi Dharmas vegan french toast the most AMAZING SWEET BREAKFAST I HAVE EVER EATEN. Phew, there, I said it. Its some kind of voodoo, I don’t know what the toast is dipped in, what the sweet, pistachio laden white labne like substance it's served with or what they poach that massive arse pear in, but combine it together and I'm crawling on my knees beggin you please. We also had the beans, which were delicious mexi-beans but puh-lease lets not pretend that I'm thinking about anything else except that toast. The coffee if excellent, the interior, recycle minimalist chic, the staff dreadlocked and zen like. Do it. Im serious, get your arse over there.

Deets: Rear 202 Carlisle St, Balaclava web:
$$: Both dishes were $15?

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the healthy party girl went for the breakfast degustation!


  1. How funny - we were just there yesterday and had exactly the same two dishes. Expect a very similar review in the next few days.

  2. Ok yum...... looks so tasty!

  3. I'm not usually one for cupcakes but MBD has the best.cupcakes.ever. And I don't mean the best VEGAN cupcakes, I mean the BEST CUPCAKES. Full stop.


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