Tuesday, November 16, 2010

plush pizza - hawthorn - CLOSED


Being Maltese I'm stuck in this in-between place in my feelings over pizza. Should I even bother veganising pizza? The pizzas I grew up on as a child? The general consensus by the voices in my head are no, I had to wipe the slate clean with food when I went vegan I shouldn't lust after something that is never going to be as good. I've found a pizza I DO like at Bimbos (which gives me that garlic chilli carb rush I remember). So I went to Plush with an open mind especially with such positive reviews from so many of the blogs. I have to say I was pretty disappointed.

The guys who were on staff are totally lovely, the space is small, not many tables but you’re free to bring your own booze (TOTAL WIN) and we chowed down drinking cider and laughing on a warm spring night. I cant help but feel its veganised mass market pizza. We had the barbeque (contains honey) and the satay, I liked the barbeque best, reminded me of the bbq meat lovers Dominos pizzas of my childhood. The satay was ok but I would get it without Cheezly next time, I think that would make a huge difference to the texture and the taste. Having said all that I will try and go back as many times before they sell (they are trying to sell, I guess whoever takes it over wont keep it vegetarian), and try different pizzas, with 19 pizzas on the menu , gluten free bases and all veganisable I'm sure I will find something I will love. Perhaps a plain margarita will do the trick?

85 Burwood Rd Hawthorn web: http://www.plushpizza.com.au
$$: 2 x medium pizzas with cheezly around $17 each

Other voices, other times:
where's the beef?: one, two, three
vegan about town:one, two, three, four, five
cupcake kitteh: one
in the mood for noodles: one


  1. Whoa, these look awesome! I made pizza the other night and it was a total fail, I used teese cheeze for the first time instead of cheezly and it was yuck :(


  2. Wow that's one huge well-topped pizza. I hope you do find a pizza that you like as from the pics they look better than mass-market pizza (which I very much dislike).

  3. What a double disappointment to read great reviews and have such good looking pizza not be too great. After seeing those photos, I would totally want to try this place.

  4. They look amazing - My pizza addicted husband is very jealous - nothing like that in Germany where we live now (I miss Aussie pizza)!!!

  5. Eh, it's a shame you didn't enjoy it as much as we do! I think pizza taste varies a lot from person to person - thick or thin base, lots or sparse toppings, lots or light or no cheese.... for me, these are perfect. :-)

  6. cindy you're completely right.... and its something that I just dont think I'll ever be satisfied with you know? never say never.... but... *fingers crossed*

  7. I was confused that their barbecue sauce isn't vegan, when every supermarket BBQ sauce I've seen is... I did like their BBQ one without the sauce (I added my own).

    I also like Mr Natural Pizza in Brunswick (they are also in St Kilda), I tried their chilli bean one. :)

  8. kate thats a good point, I eat honey I should label that in the post. Thanks for the heads up, I tried mr natural a million years ago but perhaps its time to go again!


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