Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ray - brunswick


A local for me but I had never been there. I guess the siren song of Tom Phat lured me far too many times. So Tuesdays is the new Monday (as well?) most places these days are closing the first two days of the week! Its a tragedy! But perhaps a blessing because I would never had gone to Ray otherwise. When asking about the vegan options on the menu our lovely waitress rattled off 4 or 5 options, I went for the avo on toast (wHYYY I hear you scream?) because I am COMPLETELY obsessed with tahini on toast right now. As said, avo on toast with tahini, sumac and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Something so simple but was SO LOVELY. Amazing coffee, great service, nice tranquil surroundings, very vegan friendly. And props for being I hear the first cafe to serve decent coffee in Brunswick. Y'all are old skool!

deets: 332 Victoria St, Brunswick (no website)
$$: Something like $10 for my toast but EEK dont quote me

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  1. Under-reviewed? We've written about it thrice :)




    This is a good reminder to go back though - we always get stuck at A Minor Place or something else a little bit closer to home.

  2. WHOA!!!! DOES NOT come up in google! will add them to the blog asap xo yeah swoon a minor place henrys beans!

  3. Amazing - I couldn't find them on google blog search anywhere either. Google, I've lost faith in you.

  4. went there long before blogging - glad to see the quality is still good - keep meaning to go back

  5. Carla, you have to try the Bharat Beans at Ray, you just substitute the labna with their housemade Hommus. Or, in your case, I guess the hommus no good so without, maybe a bit of their red onion jam? Or nothing. It's SO good.


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