Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sticky soy wrap - tom phat - brunswick


Not much more to say about Tom Phat, the service is on the up and up, reaching dizzying heights. This week I had something different (woo!) the sticky soy tempeh and tofu roti wrap. Essentially it’s the nasi goreng skewers without the rice in a roti wrap. AMAZING. Oh Tom Phat how I love you *paws at you*.

184 Sydney Road, Brunswick web:
$$: 10.90

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I did enjoy Tom Phat on my visit and this wrap sounds great...if only it was a bit closer to my house. An easy cycle ride though!

  2. The sticky soy wrap is my fave too!

    We've only blogged Tom Phat once because I keep ordering it every time I go there. :-D

  3. added to the blog roll! if you like that have the nasi goreng!


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