Wednesday, December 29, 2010

eataly - flatiron district - new york


This was one of those, oh my god I'm starving lets go here, discovery gems! Eataly is freaking HUGE! Think about an American sized fancy Italian supermarket with several eating nooks inside and you are on the way to imagining how huge Eataly is. From Foursquare "Mario Batali presents a 50,000-sq-ft gastro-playground with seven separate eateries, multiple food stores, a rooftop beer garden, a culinary bookstore and an educational center. Yum!".

A bit over priced, almost authentic Italian ingredients, but the lunch was exactly what I needed. In America its really hard to find a vegan middle ground. Its either fake meat arama, bean and rice burritos or high end really rich raw food, there's hardly any straight up plain vegetable action. To sit down and have a nice salad, cooked well with some lentil soup completely made my day. There are many sections, pizza, meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian. Sitting in the vegetable section most things on the menu are labelled vegan. TOTAL WIN. The bread was spectacular, a delightful chewy sourdough that made me miss home something chronic (you cant get bread in America like we get everywhere in Melbourne). Definitely something to experience, its always insanely busy and don't be like us and go out the wrong exit setting off an ear splitting alarm with about 100 people glaring at us out of the window.

deets: 200 5th Ave at W 23rd St, New York web: Eataly
$$: Was about $20 with tip

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  1. Oh cool! I just read a book that features Batali quite heavily, it's about his career and then the experiences of the writer working in Batali's kitchen. Really interesting, I'll loan it to you if you want! It's cool that Eataly has a veggie section!


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