Monday, December 20, 2010

monday melbourne roundup

It was wonderful to get around and systematically hit a few of my favourite haunts and add a few new ones to the mix. Jet lag meant I was all over the shop, mainly with 5am wake ups and a lost appetite but I'm happy to report I'm feeling 100% today! Hooray! I finish work on Thursday (half day) then head to Sydney to the 8th of January. Lots of beach time. What are you doing for the holiday period? Big love!!


Tron Legacy in 3D at IMAX

AMAZING. Cheesy, camp, canned dialogue and bad acting. The effects were amazing and its exactly what you would want out of a Tron sequel!! Tron + Daft Punk = Orgasm. 3.5/5 (YOU HAVE TO SEE IT AT IMAX!)


The new Sofia Coppola. Its VERY Sofia Coppola. I saw it at the gorgeous Sun Theatre in Yarraville. Seriously beautiful. I LOVED THIS. 4/5.


Tom Phat

I went to Tom Phat twice this week and both times were just awful. Shrunken tofu and tempeh with very little dark soy sauce and flavourless rice. We asked for more dark soy and they didn’t know what it was?!?! Then had the tofu scramble and it was like tomato soup with tofu in it. Really really bad food. Where has the good chef gone?

Bopha Devi

Disappointing as well! The rice was all clumped together and almost non existent sauce for the curry. I was very sad! The garlic chive cakes and pumpkin parcels were awesome though, and the service was as lovely as usual.

Bimbo Deluxe

Massively disappointing as well! My napoletana pizza had 4 cloves of garlic and 4 olives on it with a bland sauce. MELBOURNE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU?!?!


  1. Gosh, four bad meals out in a row? Sounds like your flight experiences are extending to land-based dining as well?
    Lucky you're coming to Sydney soon... I recommend brunch at Naked Espresso, yum cha at Bodhi's, and a sprinkling of Funky Pies, Green Gourmet and Green Palace Thai as well.


    yes! thanks for the recommendations! I also want to go to naked espresso when it turns into a pizza place at night! plan on eating my way through sydney like I do with every city :D havent spent heaps of time theres this year so I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Yes, I went to Tom Phat recently and had a dreadful satay meal. So disappointing.


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