Thursday, December 30, 2010

twenty ten new years resolutions

I got serious this year. I turned 30 on the 9th of January and having been basically a crazed lunatic my entire life until a few months previous I felt that there was quite a few open ends that needed closing. So I made a list of everything I felt I needed to achieve to put a wrap on my twenties with a pretty bow.

1. Do a course (in anything - I never went to Uni)
2. Do 365 photo project
3. Apply to NMIT photography course
4. Go to the top three places I've always wanted to go to
5. Fix my teeth
6. Start running
7. Get rid of all lingering questions from my twenties
8. Last year of working full time
9. Continue to honour past resolutions
10. Finish first draft of book
11. Commit to volunteering

A lot right? Well with the ebs and flows of life some items on this list changed to something else but with the same intent. How I did:

1. Began a 2 year part time IT diploma at Victoria University
2. I am a few weeks away from completing 365, a massive body of work with some beautiful shots in it
3. I at least have the portfolio now to apply BUT am waiting until I finish my IT diploma so a couple years
4. Mutter Museum (Philadelphia), New York and Berlin DONE! I also went to Auckland (New Zealand), Edinburgh (Scotland), Glasgow (Scotland), London (England), Brighton (England), Los Angeles (USA), Sydney (AUS), Brisbane (AUS), Coffs Harbour (AUS) and Byron Bay (AUS).
5. I had braces for the first 7 months of this year, it was pretty much the worst thing that ever happened to me, but I'm really happy with the results and my health fund paid for most of it.
6. I started running in August and was able to complete the 3.3km track within 6 weeks of beginning training. I've fallen off the wagon lately but looking forward to 2011 (and my resolutions around this!).
7. Part of all of the traveling this year was this item. I resolved a lot of open ended relationships with many people all over the globe. I am happy that I now know that I want to stay in Australia and be with an Australian (or at least someone who wants to make Australia their permanent home).
8. I will begin working 4 days a week as of next year. BAM.
9. My past resolutions of taking care of my tattoos and skin was honoured. More more more sunscreen.
10. I finished the first draft of my book which I hated and then threw in a drawer. I have started writing a cookbook which I'm hoping will get off the ground next year.
11. You will see why I don't have time to volunteer right now below.

Additional things I achieved but did not want to commit to in a list was:

* I quit smoking ONCE AND FOR ALL. It only took me 3 years of actively quitting but I did it. MONUMENTAL ACHIEVEMENT (the running really REALLY helped me do this).
*I got more serious about the blog, my writing and started writing for an online Melbourne centric magazine called Milkbar.
*I set the goal of going on 8 dates, met some great people and am happy to say I'm seeing someone who makes me very very happy (and vegan! yeah!).
*I paid 6K off my debts and still travelled for 3 months this year.
*I started going to Buddhist meditation, something I am going to commit to in the new year.

And finally off my "idle" resolutions list (a list I keep to look at every now and then and do things when the opportunity arises):

*Bake a vegan wedding cake (I'm great at cake baking, have no patience or skill for decorating I found out)
*Buy one book a week (thank you Book Depository).
*Donate to the RSPCA. I donate to them and Medicines San Frontiers $50 a month and have committed $600 of my tax return to the Hamlin Institute. This has made me feel so good about myself I can't put it into words. I know a lot of people have problems with the RSPCA but for me I find them to be the most overall effective and pragmatic animal rights organisation that are making a difference. I was so blown away by their puppy farm bus stop poster campaign this year.
*Honour 3x50 rule. This was made up by Adbusters, to spend $50 a month in 3 local business.

My list for 2011 is working on a lot of the things I've started this year, number one is I will finally pay off my debt, I will be debt free for the first time in my adult life. Something I am really looking forward to.

What did you achieve this year? What do you have planned for next year?


  1. Good on you, Carla - that is a list to be proud of!

  2. Where do you do meditation? x

  3. That is a huge list of acheivements, what a great year! Well done on quitting smoking, that was my one of my acheivements a few years back too and it is not an easy one to do, good on you :D
    And so much travel! I am jealous :-)

  4. Thanks cindy! Yeah i feel really good about this year! @laura i go to the brunswick meditation centre its really great!

  5. What line of work do you do Carla that you can work 4 days a week and travel so much? I envy you.

  6. hi katie yes thanks! as you know its so HARD its pretty much the hardest thing I've had to do. Looking forward to ZERO cigarettes this year!

    @Chris, I work on IT projects and move around from project to project, Ive found a permanent home for a while and part of my negotiation with the company was to go to 4 days a week... the life of a contract worker!


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