Sunday, December 26, 2010

Urth Caffe - Santa Monica - Los Angeles

Urth is a great cafe really close to the beach that specialises in free trade coffee without being too hippy dippy. Post Starbucks revolution the States is getting better at having espresso available (and mainly good) in 75% of places but I still have good coffee shops pointed out to me by locals filed in the back of my mind wherever I go (though by reading found out that Urth is a chain). Urth is by no means anywhere near being a vegetarian cafe so I was suprised (but not so surprised if that makes sense) to see a HUGE vegan pumpkin pie in the display case. YES! This pie was delicious and my first. It was extra special to be in the States around Tofurkey time and get to experience so many veganised traditional foods. This was completely delicious and I'm keen to try to make my own in our Autumn. Get a table outside if you can, great people watching.

deets: 2327 Main St, Santa Monica web:
$$: dont remember, not expensive I think $5 for the slice


  1. Your posts are starting to convince me that maybe LA is worth visiting.

  2. Whooooa! Vegan pumpkin pie! Yum, I would love to try pumpkin pie some day.



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