Monday, December 13, 2010

vegan MOFO!

Hi Everybody! I'm back but I'm retardedly jet lagged. Still feel like a photocopy so unsure when I'm going to tackle the monstrous mountain of monday melbourne roundup for the two weeks I was away, so stay tuned.

I just wanted to give props to everyone who did Vegan MOFO! Such incredible blogging, really interesting, I was surprised at the quality that everyone maintained! What a huge achievement. So to those who did it congrats!

I didnt keep up with it all but I have to say my stand outs were In the Mood for Noodles and Vicki Vegan. I absolutely loved all that they blogged (also loved that the PPK did Vegan MOFO too, seriously fantastic).

After travelling its always so nice to come home, but also to realise how wonderful all the vegans I know are. I truly know what people mean when they talk about the sense of community and shared values. Thanks guys. You rock! xo Carla

ps: and to those of you who have been recipe testing for me, I know I havent sent out a batch for a while, it will probably be late January before I do. xo. THANK YOU!


  1. Thanks, that's really sweet of you!

    Welcome back, can't wait to hear about your eating adventures!

  2. Yeah, I loved watching MOFO too! Welcome home.

  3. thanks guys! its great to be back! xo


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