Thursday, January 20, 2011

dumplings plus - melbourne - city


"Its not very vegetarian friendly" was the warning, "it's my favourite dumpling place in Melbourne" was the echoed sentiment, murmured around the Milk Bar Christmas table. Fresh, homemade dumplings, slightly more expensive than Camis*? I had to go! A dumpling bar with few vegetarian options? Rubbish! Arriving before my friends I was crestfallen when I scanned the dumpling menu several times and found none. They were right, there is very little labelled vegie options on the menu. On the chaulk board specials menu I spied "vegetarian spinach steamed buns", at least I wasn’t going to starve. Our server arrived "do you have any vegetarian dumplings?", "how many do you want" and like that, I was in love. Dumplings Plus is indeed ace. Fresh dumplings (you can watch them being made through the huge kitchen window), steamed to perfection in ridiculous amounts for change. Vegans, it gets so tedious quizzing servers, but this was a huge win!

*Camis vegetable and mushroom dumplings are reportedly not vegetarian. When bought frozen they have chicken stock listed. To be fair they are not advertised as "vegetarian" dumplings (and having said that, this could also be the case from Dumplings Plus).

269 Swanston Street Walk, Melbourne, web: none
$$: like $7.90 for a plate of 6 dumplings

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I only grab the first two pages of Google, if you have a Dumplings Plus review you would like added to this list please comment :)

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  1. Thanks for the review! I've never been to Dumplings Plus as I was wary of its Swanston St location...but it sounds good!


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