Friday, January 14, 2011

the essential vegan pantry

You may be all 'damn it! post some recipes!". SOON! I promise! I bought a new camera in the US, but of course I need to get an American to Australian adapter before I can start taking photos again! So next week kidlets! In the meantime its been forcing me to think up new and wonderful ways of entertaining you. So here it is, what I consider to be kitchen essentials, if your pantry is stocked like this you can immediately cook ANYTHING YOU WANT from my blog. Yep. Any missing ingredients? Please comment! x (you can find this post in the right hand bar from now on under 'click me click me).

In other news I'm gathering momentum and am almost ready to start reviewing the recipes I sent out last year to be tested for the cookbook I am writing. After that I will be looking for more testers. So if you would like to test for me please shoot me an email! xx

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