Monday, January 10, 2011

monday melbourne roundup - twenty legs eleven!

And so begins a new year! Did you have a fun break? I am back at work today, I could have done with another week off but I would have been bored after that. Thankfully I have many public holidays and RDO's to look forward to before I get a week off at Easter. This year I start again, forgive all bad service given to me (except for chronically bad places) and give everyone a chance! The first cab off the rank was Hellenic Republic and it was GREAT! Ive eaten there twice. Amazing. I'm currently churning through all the 2010 films I feel I need to see in order to complete my film list. I'm about 5 films away so I'm hoping by the end of the week. Look forward to posts soon about Hellenic Republic, I also spent a lo tof time in the water on the New South Wales coast while I was away. Had some heartbreak, spent some time with my family, not as much time in Sydney as I should have but it’s a new year and I am washing away the past.

Some cooking posts coming this week, I'm slowly getting back into it. I'm also going to apply to the CAE to teach a vegan cooking course!

Happy New Year!

Films I've watched (to keep count)


Gorgeousness - 4/5


I actually liked this (didnt think I would) this is the kind of action film I can get behind! (what is with leo di caprios premature coked out ageing?!?! hes 35 and looks 50!) 3.5/5

Please Give

An interesting look at white middle class guilt (LOVE Catherine Keener) 3/5

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Too long! Absolutely gorgeous to look at, but ultimately I found it boring and turned it off about half an hour before it ended 3/5

Toy Story 3

I am really REALLY enjoying childrens films lately, I loved Up and the other one oh yeah Wall E, I feel like these films are really telling important stories to children. So beautiful I loved it! 4/5


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