Monday, January 17, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

For the next few months I am only seeing people who ask me out and honouring my social commitments. It meant that this weekend was intensely busy with friends. An album launch, a hens night and my mother being in town. I did manage to go to the beach and do some gardening though. I'm hoping the next couple of weeks are going to be quieter. I'm easing my way back into Melbourne. So if you want to see me ask me out to dinner cause I aint askin for AGES. xxx


blue valentine
Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are just stunning in this. 3.5/5 (I thought it was too long - a recurring theme in my film loving world now)

store bought cool - 7" launch @ newtown workers club

I love newtown workers club and they have rekorderlig. I also love my friend dave. Win. Check out Daves band Store Bought Cool here.


the penny black

woo! I haven't been there in ages and they've completely done up the back with new toilets and decking. quite like the place indeed.

the brunswick sporting club

It seems I got it wrong, my flatmate keeps talking about this place in Brunswick that sells Rekoderlig (best VEGAN CIDER EVER) so I finally went down to the Sporting Club to suss it out and talk to them about vegan drinks, and they dont sell it. So I'm thinking about moving it to the Brunswick Green. The Sporting Club is great, the food isnt great though.

berlin bar

love it. still the biggest wank in melbourne but the cocktails are to die for. its so nice when someone gets something so right.

dumplings plus

There will be a post on Milkbar Magazine about this soon. Stay tuned!


Still amazing. My camera is dead so I couldnt take any photos but had much of the same stuff as these times.


I've been to Maha once and found their pushing of the 'sofra' quite intense (5 dishes for each person). We ordered it but it was WAY too much food for 2 people. This time I went with my mother and we ordered 4 vegetarian dish sofra for one person and it was more than enough food. MoVida provides better value for money and better food however. Maha is way too expensive for what it is. I would go back, but only if someone else was paying.

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  1. Shame about the food at the Brunswick sporting club. The current chef is the old chef from Tom Phat.


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