Monday, January 24, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

Back into my usual swing of things. This semester I will be going to school on Monday nights so I'm trying to squeeze in as many Monday Nova sessions before I go back. I've had heartbreak over the past couple of weeks so I have been trying to take it easy, sleep as much as a I want and be kind to myself. I put in an application to the CAE to teach vegan cooking courses so I'm hoping I will at least hear from them one way or another, I'm sure this time of year they are swamped with people applying. I finally got back into the kitchen on the weekend so there should be a full week of food posts coming tomorrow and onwards. It will be poor (camera phone) photography but I think we've all waited long enough!


the kings speech

I took my mum and we both thought although it was interesting it was also boring and too long. 2.5/5


Interesting but not interesting enough. 2.5/5


Markov Place

I am no longer the Mayor! BOO HOO HOO. Still love you Markov though *paws* even though you sell terrible cider on tap.


  1. I am sorry to hear you have had a rough time and glad you are being a bit self indulgent - it is the way to go when life is horrid!

    I saw the kings speech and loved it - maybe I just don't get out to the movies enough but I really loved the look of it and the idea of how being a royal was changed by technology

  2. it was interesting indeed, a great part of the royal history (especially around the abdication etc) but it could have been half an hour shorter. gotta love helena bonham carter in anything!


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