Monday, January 31, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

I am still roaming the town with no camera hence no restaurant updates (and very little updating in general) why do I have to be so TIGHT! argh! still waiting on my battery charger but it should be here this week.


movida aqui
Still wonderful. still the love of my life.

Met some friends there for post Movida cocktails (a good thing to know the are both open on Monday nights). The cocktail lounge is tiny and cramped but we had a few nice drinks. For previous Gingerboy experiences click!

lord of the fries
I'm going to go out on a limb and say lords of the fries is pretty disgusting. I know a lot of you like them but I find their food too greasy, not enough straight up vegan sauces, too expensive and substandard mock meat products (Toffuti and I have NO IDEA what dogs they used for hot dogs). I think marketing to meat eaters turns veg*ns away. Having said that, they ARE feeding a lot of meat eaters vegetarian food. I dont know just not for me, I guess I'm just disappointed that for a vegie place theres such little amount of things I want to eat. Cant please them all!

Monk Bodhi Dharma
My charmed first visit wasnt as charmed the second time around. I realised the pistacio creamy stuff for the french toast is Tofutti (I know I know I HATE TOFUTTI OK - probably years of it being my only option) and this is going to sound dumb but the french toast is so hard to cut into it goes everywhere. Next time I'm going to try something different. I do love the space and going to Mexico is an exciting excursion! (and Tofutti or not I think its great they offer so many vegan options). and pps that poached pear.. actually.. it is pretty incredible.

Vincents Vegetarian Supermarket
I finally went there and what a dizzying array of food. I think you've all gathered by now I'm not really a mock meat (or mock dairy) fan. I like my food unprocessed. However I got some cool lycee jelly and some mock chicken (for the rare time I feel like it). More expensive than Radical Grocery however! Makes me appreciate Anikee even more!

First monthly Vegan drinks @ the Sporting Club

So great! we had about 35 people and raised just over $120 for RSPCA QLD Flood appeal (which my work is going to match dollar for dollar). Met so many amazing people (vegans tend to be right!), if you want to come along to the next one either watch this blog or become a fan on facebook and look for the updates! If you're in Sydney Vegaroo do one too (where I got the wonderful idea from!)


  1. Can't agree more about Lord of the Fries. I've tried them twice recently and the food is waaaay too salty and (even for a fast food place) the service at Melbourne Central is monosyllabic and indifferent. Although I award points for their delicious rough cut chips - I hate fries!
    I'm housesitting just around the corner from Vincent's, so looking forward to checking it out (not to mention Little Saigon market at Footscray - best and cheapest fruit & veg around. Last time I went they had 7 types of mango!) You should swing by :-)
    xo Katie F

  2. yes. and YES TO SEVEN DIFFERENT TYPES OF MANGO! we can go to cafe lalibela? I have school in footscrazy 2 nights a week... perhaps next monday or tuesday... i'll do the first hour of class then come and have dinner with you!

  3. Lord of the Fries Melbourne Central store is the WORST! The servers don't talk beyond grunting and the wait is always looooong - not exactly fast food. Though I have enjoyed the odd guilty snack there (nuggets with gravy!) over the past year when they put the prices up AGAIN I finally stopped going. Too expensive for what it is! Oh bring back the days of the first store, which was excellent...

  4. I know! what happened? :( no use in having so much to choose from when the quality just goes down each time.

  5. I'm going to have to disagree about the lord of the fries. Love their fries, gluten free burger, onion rings and nuggets. And so so awesome that a fast food place manages to be so gluten free friendly, particularly since I recently discovered that most fries everywhere else are not actually gluten free. Also super excellent when it's midnight and you in the city and want to eat vegan fast food.

    As for the french toast at MBD, the g/f french toast is just like normal toast if you don't want the crunch. p.s: how did you find out it was tofutti?

  6. Also forgot to comment that Anikee said that the LOTF hot dogs are the super expensive ones from radical grocery and so the price is pretty good given the product.

  7. LOTF service is hit and miss...mostly miss, but whatevs, i sometimes get a craving for their burger. they used to use cheezely on everything, but switched to tofutti on burgers at some point, probs to cut costs.

    oh, and the dogs are redwood jumbo dogs, distro'd by vegan perfection!

  8. hey kristy! yes it is awesome they have so many gluten free options! I do like their onion rings!

    as for the french toast I just twinked when I was eating it, the consistency of the creamy stuff is definitely tofutti cream cheese. Will try the gluten free toast there next time for sure! I didnt even know they had it thanks for the heads up.

    Louise I had the mini dog so I'm not sure its the redwood ones but they werent nice. I guess maybe years of the sanitarium ones and I'm addicted... WAlkers sell the sanitarium ones I'm pretty sure. In any event Walkers make better ones and they're right next door.... just want them to get cheezly! that would rock!


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