Monday, February 14, 2011

monday melbourne roundup Schools in! So begins the year really. No more faffing around, pull the finger out and GET INTO IT. I know blogging has been sparse but I've finally bought a proper battery charger today so it will pick up in the next couple of weeks. So my goals are finally set for the year, in progress for both work and personal life. I'm feeling energised to the point of frustration. I WANT IT ALL NOW.


invisible atom @ the arts centre

I'm going to talk theatre here so you might want to tune out if you're a non theatre person. Invisible Atom, although a highly polished, robust play was lacking in some real guts. A one man show about essentially a late term "enlightenment" and the gravity that can have so late in life. Usually we realise the world is fucked and cruel by the age of 21, it can have disastrous effects on the man who has blindly harnessed that system for his own greed for two decades. Shooting for the lofty heights of a Wil Eno play this landed somewhere around an extremely frenetic David Williamson.



Ever since Bowl of Soul closed down I've been really lost for a good place to have lunch in Port. The organic cafe is good but quite expensive, Balderdash is along the same price range but I like it better. Nice space, nice people, good food. I think I will go there a bit now.

lord of the fries - flinders st station

LOTF update! Ok I tried the suggestion of just gravy with nuggets. I got the nuggets pack with fries and gravy and they were actually really good. Perfectly fried and not gross and weird like they've been the past well long time. The young man who served me was lovely as well. Flinders St Station store gets a thumbs up from me this time.

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