Monday, February 21, 2011

monday melbourne roundup


rabbit hole

I went into this with trepidation (the trailer is really naff and not an indication of what its really like), I really super love John Cameron Mitchell as a director but I thought it might be another 'Nicole Kidman' movie. How wrong I was. You know I gotta give props to our Nic, she does choose a lot of interesting projects to work on. She produced this film and chose Mitchell as the director and its an extremely gentle, humane, gorgeous film like all of his others. I really really enjoyed it. 4/5

taylor mac
- comparison is violence

New York drag/cabaret/theatre artist Taylor Mac was in town for Mardi Gras and came down to Melbourne to do a couple of shows. The show called 'comparison is violence' was really about how what we do is what we do and although it may be like something else its really not what that is. So he did a show combining Ziggy Stardust and Tiny Tim (the two people he gets compared to) and made it his own thing. It was wonderful, his voice is so SO amazing. Singing the Ziggy songs made me cry, Ziggy is one of my oldest memories and dearest records. Taylor Mac is completely amazing and I highly recommend you see him if you can. Below is a recording of the show I saw (well one song of it) - not the actual show I went to. Totally made my week, it was also at the brand spanking new Melbourne Recital Centre, W.O.W what a venue! I look forward to seeing Joanna Newsom there in a couple of weeks.

australian shiatsu college - brunswick

They have Friday and Saturday morning clinics. A really wonderful space, get worked on by a final year student for $40 (hour and a half consultation). I love it there and every shiatsu I've had has been amazing.


jacques reymond

Review coming soon. Suffice to say mind blowing.

degraves espresso bar

The service has gotten better of late (ie it exists). Despite it all its still one of my favourite meeting spots. Now has Rekorderlig.

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