Monday, February 28, 2011

monday melbourne roundup

I've been running around like a madwoman this week. So SO busy.


true grit

Amazing. I had been busting to see this film for weeks and finally went to the ultra cheap $6 session at Nova on Monday morning, only to be fire evacuated 20 minutes before the end!! Couldn't believe it! I've now seen the whole thing and its absolutely glorious. 4/5

teenage paparazzo - MIFF on deckchairs

What a wonderful program. I love seeing film outdoors and for the next 5 weeks MIFF are presenting some of their favourites from last years fest in Federation Square (with really comfy deck chairs laid out!). Teenage Paparazzo is a documentary about a 13 year papp in Hollywood. Made by Adrian Grenier from Entourage this doco is actually really freaking amazing. Very well made and edited. 4/5



I had the "field of dreams" on gluten free bun. The bun is kind of scone like so I didnt really eat the top half. Overall the burger was ok, a huge portobello with salad (I had to keep piling the salad on the order because it would have had nothing on it otherwise), will certainly satisfy in a bind.

lord of the fries

Lord of the Fries Flinders St Station store has been completely rocking my world lately. Back to the old quality we first remember. Keep on keeping on!!

journal canteen

Still one of my favourite watering holes in Melbs. Love you *paws at you*.

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