Sunday, February 20, 2011

a note of appreciation - jacques reymond

hello! I just wanted to pass along my gratitude and appreciation to the kitchen and the wonderful staff. I came and dined on Thursday night and it was amazing. As a vegan my options for celebration dinners/fancy dates are limited. I have many favourite high end restaurants and have had a few degustations but have always been disappointed as its always been the vegetarian degust with all the dairy taken out and no replaced with anything. You far surpassed my wildest expectations and although my money is the same as everyone elses I have not experienced the level of dedication and service as I experienced on Thursday night.

Also a side note, I refuse to do a degustation that is the same price as the meat one, so when researching this celebration dinner I was amused and surprised that my answer came from the most unexpected place, a French restaurant!! (well what I conceived was a French restaurant :)

Jacques you are a class act all the way. I have eaten my way all over the world from the Ivy in London to Gordon Ramseys to Millenium in San Francisco and everything in between and nothing has come close the style, class and panache that you delivered on Thursday night. You have won yourself a major fan here and I have told all of my vegan/vegetarian friends (I also write a very popular vegan food blog and am very active in the community) so expect more vegan requests.

Again, with many thanks your number one fan,


ps the staff are all so gorgeous I just wanted to pinch their faces.

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