Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Q and A

Not all vegan cruelty free brands are listed with choose Cruelty Free. I just discovered a great aussie range: Sukin. Know any other make-up/beauty brands that are not listed???

I know, I dont know what the deal is there, why wouldn't Sukin apply? or are they in the process? Its hard to know how difficult it is and what the certification process is like. Has anyone had experience with this? I've been building a business with Arbonne (which would be my recommendation) and they aren't listed on there. I'm waiting to build more of the business before I let you guys know about it. BUT through doing my research I found a lot of vegans who wont buy any cosmetics that aren't listed on the Choose Cruelty Free website so I've been thinking about that a lot. Anyone know of any other brands that are vegan and not on the CCF website? What would satisfy you that the products are vegan? Arbonne list in all their literature and websites that their products are formulated without animal products or animal derived products and label them vegan. Just curious to know this myself.

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  1. Sukin are awesome! I just started using their stuff last month, and I love it!


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